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Moritz Leuenberger

Old Federal Council
«Even though I sometimes act as a sleepyhead, a certain dynamic can not be overlooked in the photographs you have taken of me. This is truly professional.» 


Gianluca Ambrosetti

Jazz trumpeter, flugelhornist and composer. CEO at Synhelion SA
«It is not easy to capture the dynamics of live music with still pictures, but Beat manages that. You can almost hear the sound…»


Mirjam Dold

Portrait Mirjam Dold

Behavioral advice, specialty dog
«Photography is painting with light - an art that is not given to everyone»

Rolf Butz

Managing Director of the Kaufmännische Verband Zürich
«Competent, committed, fast - a photographer as you wish him»


Matthias Mölleney

Head of the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership at HWZ
«Super-good photos, thank you very much !!! I will gladly recommend you»


Michael Näf

is the Co-Founder, Inventor, and Original Developer of Doodle AG in 2007 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Director. Today, he is active as an Investor and Advisor for startups and couple of side projects.

«Many thanks for the very successful photos from the SME Forum of Basler Versicherung in KKL in Lucerne.»


Frits Landesbergen

Frits Landesbergen - Beat Habermacher

Drummer and vibrafonist with an international standing
«If you need a representative Photo from jazzmusicians at work, the photographer need to be a music lover to really capture the swinging vibe. We love your photo's, Beat, thanks.  Keep up the great, swinging work!!»


Thomas Heiniger

Thomas Heiniger - Beat Habermacher

Government Council, Canton of Zurich
«The words alone have long since faded away, with the pictures they echo. Pictures of people, unobtrusively shot, expressively held. So I'm looking forward to the next click.»


Carmen Walker

Eine Veranstaltung mit guten Fotos bleibt haften. Danke für diese tolle Erinnerung ans Kaufleuten! Herzlich Carmen Walker Späh


Markus Bischoff

"Lebendige Diskussion, prägnante Bilder!»